Light From The Most Distant Star Ever Seen

GRB 090429B

GRB 090429B

A gamma-ray burst noticed by NASA’s SWIFT satellite in 2009 has been awarded the distinction of being light from the most distant star ever “seen”. For the few seconds of the explosion, the light would’ve been a million million times brighter than our sun.

The actual star that gave rise to the gamma-ray burst known as GRB 090429B, is estimated to have exploded 13.14 billion light years ago, when the universe was just 10% of its current size and 4% of its current age. It’s staggering to think that the light from that event has take 13.14 billion years to reach us. When the event happened, and the light started its journey, our solar system didn’t exist!

The star must have been part of one of the earliest galaxies in the universe as the Big Bang is thought to have happened only 0.52 billion years previously. 

Read the full story here where the science paper can also be found. Image credit: Gemini observatory.

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